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Veronica Pozzi

I would call myself a fighter and a great dreamer … one who never gives up in the face of life’s difficulties and who perseveres in her goals … colored passionate and optimistic.

My work success



I love mixing colors and shapes



I have always loved accessories



I enjoyed personalizing clothes of any kind


Clients happy

Clients happy is more important for us

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Veronica Pozzi

vévé verronica
The collection of clothing and accessories certainly reflects myself, my exuberance, the optimism and passion that I put into everything I do.
I love mixing colors and shapes and since I was a child I have always loved accessories, but also clothing in general. I enjoyed personalizing clothes of any kind, adding precious or colored details, fringes, studs, embroidery, rhinestones and paiettes..After having completed another profession, I have listened to the call of my heart and moved from Como- my birthday town in Italy- to Marrakech, a city I always loved and where I felt at home.
So I could realized my dream of dedicating myself to all-round design and finally developing my creative sense towards interior design, fashion and food, my passions.
Not only in fact clothing and accessories for men and women, each unique and tailored hand-made garment, but also the creation of interiors and custom-made furniture, as well as the manufacture and production of sauces, flavored salts and jams, which want to be the right combination of the Italian taste and the local zero-km organic products, cultivated directly by me, with a touch of Moroccan flavors and, therefore, a reference to Africa.
With the hope that my products can bring you joy and happiness with their colors and flavors … I wish you a good navigation!

Many thanks to everyone!